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What makes an old English bulldog a healthy English bulldog? The answer is pretty simple – exercise! Yes, when you adopt an old English bulldog pooch, you need to make sure that you pay great attention to the exercise part, among other things.

Wondering why exercise is an integral part of raising an old English bulldog? Well, it makes your pet happy and helps him/her acquire physical characteristics.

Besides, exercise aids in the strengthening of the immune system. As a result, minor or major health issues can be avoided. Obesity, joint problems, heart problems and other health conditions can all be avoided with regular workouts.

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To keep your English bulldog healthy, here we’ve shared a few great exercise ideas that your pooch will enjoy. Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the exercise guideline:

Go to adventure walks with your furry companion

Walking your pet in the park is conventional and downright boring. You need to change this technique now. Your pet, like you, aren’t fond of performing the same things over and over. This is why you should consider different ways to exercise it outside, such as going on an adventurous walk.

Take your old English bulldog for a walk in the countryside on weekends if you have the time. Explore forests, grasslands, streams and other adventurous, wild locations with your pooch. If your English bulldog is well-trained, you might consider releasing it from its leash and allowing him/her to roam freely. This will make the pup more energetic!

Splash in the water but be careful

On a hot day, most dogs like playing in the water. However, with your old English bulldog, proceed with caution when near water.

The majority of bulldogs are unable to swim. A little kiddie pool is an excellent way to keep cool. Want to take your bulldog on a little more of an adventure in the water? Use a dog life vest to keep your little pooch safe.

Chase, fetch, catch

Simply throwing an object at your old English bulldog can be boring. However, you can make the ‘fetch’ game more engaging by trying something different. Act as the item and do everything to prevent your pooch from catching you.

Trust us; the effort will be worth it. Not just is this exercise a fun way to bond, but also it will help you both burn a lot of excess calories.

Obstacle course is fun

The obstacle course will give your old English bulldog a tremendous workout. It will improve your pet’s leaping, walking and running abilities. It will increase his/her endurance, strengthen him/her, and improve his/her mobility.

You can change up the obstacle course to keep your old English bulldog entertained. Putting a reward at the end of the finish line, for example, will encourage your pooch to finish the course and look forward to it.

Jog with your furry friend

If you enjoy going for jogs in your leisure time, why not bring your old English bulldog along with you? Put your fur buddy on a leash and take him/her for a run. By doing so, you’ll be able to complete two chores at the same time.

old english bulldog exercise guideline Final thoughts…

Hope these tips come in handy the next time you train your pooch! As an owner, your motive should be to teach your old English bulldog the importance of exercise as it will keep him healthy and joyful at the same time.

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