Genuine Guide on How to Find a Healthy Old English Bulldog Puppy


We understand that getting an Old English bulldog puppy for your family is an important decision. But before that, you should keep some general puppy health considerations in mind. It will help you in adopting a healthy and happy puppy, who will be a part of your family for years.

First of all, Right age:

In general, puppies should be kept with their mothers for at least the first 8 weeks of their lives. And when it’s an Old English bulldog Puppy, it should live with its litter-mates or parents for the first 12 weeks so it can be mature enough and social enough to live with other people and animals. If your Breeder is selling puppies younger than 8 weeks, ask the breeder, “Why?”, because it’s too early.

Never forget to check the puppy’s cleanliness:

Before welcoming, you should check how clean the puppy is. It is directly related to your puppy’s health. When you meet a new puppy, look properly and closely.

Ears: Dirt in ears can cause infections or indicate some kind of ear-related disease. Please avoid those puppies that have ear redness or foul odor.

Nose: Discharge from the nose, or not so profusely sneeze, or cough could be an indication of further problems. Sometimes discharge is not just saliva, because the nose may be wet from licking.

Eyes: Discharge around the puppy’s eyes is not a good sign. Eyes should be bright and alert.

Don’t forget to Examine the coat: Before having an Old English Bulldog puppy, confirm Its fur is fresh and clean, shiny and full or not. Please avoid puppies with bald patches or skin issues. A bit dusty or slightly dirty is ok, it can cause by playing outside, and it can be cleaned easily. And when you are interacting with that puppy make sure, there are no fleas. If the puppy scratches itself, it can be a problem too.

 Puppy is strong enough or not:

A healthy Old English Bulldog puppy should have enough strong mussels. So check its mussels properly. A puppy can be thin, but thin with a protruding belly is a bad sign. So be careful. Sometimes it indicates some serious health issues, such as a heart, liver, or kidney problem.

If it is possible check the stool too:

Examine the puppy’s stool properly and how it looks like. Because It should be firm. Loose stools or messy bottoms could be a hint of diarrhea. Maybe it sounds too much, but if it is possible check the litter’s other puppies if they are healthy or not.

If the puppy is licking its genital region too often, pay attention, cause maybe it indicates a urinary tract infection.

Energetic or not!

Look carefully when the puppy is interacting with other puppies. And while interacting with you, the puppy is Energetic enough or not. It will define its overall energy level.

Puppies need time and attention too. You have to give the puppy enough time to welcome you and your family. Maybe it’s time-consuming but trust me it’s worth it. Whenever you visit, Playing or spending time together will make the process easier. We know, Old English Bulldog Puppy has their energy parameter, but You will get an idea if the puppy is Energetic enough or not.
Two Oldd english bulldog in play ground

Ask the Breeder about its past vet records:

Checking Your Old English Bulldog Puppy’s past vet records will ensure you that The puppy is vaccinated.

If You Breeder or seller does not help or failed to show you past vet records, then stop, and rethink about getting that puppy from there.

Social or not!

Mental health is equally important as physical health. And it is applicable for the puppies as well. So, Ask the Breeder about how well the puppy interacts with humans because a poorly socialized puppy can have major behavioral issues.
Bulldog playing

Why health is so important?

Your Old English Bulldog Puppy’s health is as important as any of your family members, right? We know, Sudden Sickness cannot be avoidable. But what if it’s already there? then you should be warned ar informed. Sometimes many long-lasting health problems can happen at a very young age, such as stunted growth and diseases that should take continued treatment. It’s painful for the puppy and you too.

It can be too expensive for you if you don’t notice these health issues before adopting the Old English Bulldog puppy. For example, in the first year, You have to bear almost $700 to $2,000 as veterinary costs of a healthy puppy. But if your puppy is sick, the cost could be double.

Authentic Breeder or not!

Before buying an English bulldog puppy, you should check if the Breeder is authentic or not. Go visit the breeder’s Shelter and meet him/her in person. Meet the parents of the puppy and interact with other puppies.

The environment of the place, where The Breeder kept those puppies is important too. Sometimes it directly affects the behavior of those puppies. Play with the puppy and be sure its general temperament is good or not. If possible check its parent’s temperament too. It will help you to ensure if the puppy is a good choice for your family or not.

For helping Dog lovers, The Humane Society of the United States has made a checklist, and it is available online. It will help you to assess the Breeder. It has some basic information, which you can ask Your Breeder aboutlike the number of dog types the breeder breeds, where they kept their puppies. The breeder should also have a strong relationship with local veterinarians. And they should give you instructions about how to take care of the puppy before you take them to your home.

So, whenever you are going to interact with the Breeder, keep the checklist. Ask as many questions as you can ask or you want to ask. A good reputed and responsible breeder will understand your concern. And will help you thoroughly.You can consider a shelter for a purebred animal. About 25% of animals in shelters are purebred.
Old english bulldog puppy

Puppy mills can be dangerous:

Some people use puppies for business. Just like puppy mills, where they bred large amounts of puppies and house them in kennels. Those puppies became sick very easily, and You will notice their lack of socialization skills. And it affects their mental health.

Sometimes the puppies and their parents are kept in a very unhealthy condition, are not given proper veterinary care. As a result, those puppies may have some behavioral or health problems.

Remember, Reputable breeders don’t sell Old English Bulldog Puppy to any pet shops:

Do Avoid buying Puppies online. You don’t know where the puppy has come from. And you don’t get opportunities to check the puppy and its parents before buying. Unless they are registered breeders Of Old English bulldog puppies.

How to take care of your new puppy!

Within 48 hours of adopting an Old English Bulldog puppy, You should take it to a vet for a check-up. Your breeders will assure (guarantee) you the good health of that puppy, but why take a risk? And if there is no guarantee, you must get the puppy checked within time. So there is any complication, they will warn you. Not only that, your vet will make you understand whatever is essential for your Old English Bulldog puppy, like vaccination or any safety measures. You can ask them questions too. Make sure you are clear about each and everything (almost).

Good food, good life:

Ask The breeder about what they were feeding your Old English Bulldog puppy when it was there. The same kind of food will help the puppy to get used to in your place. Otherwise, it will affect its stomach and its overall health. And if you want to change the food, systematically do that. So the puppy could be comfortable. Don’t try adult dog foods without consulting.

Sometimes simple diarrhea is ok if the puppy is overall healthy. It can cause by stress, and it’s normal. But if it continues more than 24 hours, go and visit your vet.

* Some common sicknesses:

Some common diseases among puppies are parvo, distemper, kennel cough, and gastrointestinal issues. For parvo and distemper, some vaccinations fight against them. So, after detecting the disease, go for the vaccination procedure as soon as possible.

A healthy diet will keep the immune system up, and a healthy immune system can fight several diseases. Do pay attention to the food you are providing.

If you notice any types of changes in behavior, without any delay, take your puppy to the vet.

Like humans, aging causes changes in puppies too. But in its early ages, Slight changes in their appearance can lead to any health-related issues. So pay attention to those.

      You should consult your veterinarian. For a physical exam, fecal testing for parasites, a heartworm test, puppy vaccinations for distemper, measles, and para-influenza at eight weeks, or a DHPP vaccine at 12 weeks for your Puppies. And with that, you will have some basic ideas about what to do and what shouldn’t. For example, a puppy should NOT have had a rabies vaccination unless it is at least 12 weeks old. The preferable timing is 16-20 weeks. Your healthy puppy will ensure your family’s happiness. Giving it time and proper concern will take you to s healthy life.

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