How Much Puppy Food Should I Feed My Puppy?


Nourishing your English Bulldog puppies can be a tricky business, especially if you’ve only recently adopted one. Dogs of various sizes and types require varying quantities of food. But, on a daily basis, how much puppy food should you feed your English bulldog puppy?


What should I give my English Bulldog puppy in terms of cups of food?

It’s not easy to figure out, so we suggest the following:

At two months : 3 times a day, a third of a cup

At three months: 3 times a day, a third of a cup

At four months: 3 times a day, 1 third of a cup 

At five months: Twice a day, half a cup

At six months: Twice a day, half a cup

At 7 to 12 months: Twice a day, half a cup


This English Bulldog puppy feeding routine should be followed until the puppy reaches the age of 12 months.


What veterinarians have to say about the amount of food to feed an English Bulldog:

When you initially receive your English Bulldog, your veterinarian should be able to advise you on how much puppy food to give them and how often to feed them. Puppies require less food than adult dogs, and you will need to gradually increase the amount of food you give them as they grow older.


Another element to consider is your English Bulldog’s energy level; lively dogs require more food because they expend a lot of energy running about. Because English Bulldogs aren’t as sporty as other dogs and prefer to hang around more, they don’t require as much puppy food as other breeds.

Old English Bulldog Puppy

Variety Of Puppy Food Available

There are various different varieties of puppy food available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, as well as individual canine preferences.


Dry food, such as kibble and flaked grains, has a very low moisture content, which means they will eat more. Dog treats and biscuits are generally produced from dry food, and they may be a terrific in-between-meal snack to keep your dog amused or to reward them for excellent behavior.


Wet food is great for keeping your dog hydrated since it is prepared at high temperatures and is extremely fresh. Unfortunately, once opened, they have a short shelf life and might be a messy alternative for more excitable dogs.


Semi-moist combines the chewy texture of dry food with the moisture of wet food in one package. They come in sachets and are a popular option for individuals who aren’t sure whether wet or dry food is better for their dog.


How Much Should I feed my English Bulldog puppy?

Feeding a puppy differs from feeding an adult dog in that puppies require smaller amounts of puppy food more frequently throughout the day, and their eating patterns change as they age.


Because English Bulldog puppies have a tendency to eat anything that is placed in front of them, keeping an eye on their hunger and stool consistency is a good indicator of how much they should be fed.

Until they are around 6 months old, English Bulldog puppies are normally fed three times a day, with a handful of kibble (around a third of a cup) per piece. However, if your veterinarian believes they are not getting enough, they may offer a higher quantity.


Feeding plans for English Bulldog puppies will vary, but three times a day is advised.

When feeding English Bulldog puppies, ensure sure the food is easy to reach and that the food bowl or tray isn’t too high for them to eat from. Because English Bulldogs have short muzzles and sometimes struggle to lift their heads high, placing it lower will make swallowing simpler for them.


If your puppy is refusing to eat puppy food, make sure it is properly hydrated before experimenting with a mix of dry and wet meals; every dog has different food preferences, so figuring out what your puppy enjoys may make dinner time much smoother and less stressful for both of you.


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