Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

Where can I go to adopt a pet?

To adopt a pet, it is always better to avoid a pet store. It is important to protect the puppies from puppy mills. Any adoption center that holds a proper Government-certified adoption license is the place you should rely on. Remember a few things that you need to look for while proceeding with your adoption.

Question #2

Can I take my new pet home the same day?

Considering all your adoption work gets done hassle-free, and you have proceeded with the payment process and the documentation deeds, you can happily take your pet home following some guideline.

Jd-bulldogee with old english bulldog

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions about the Olde English Bulldogge

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A Bulldog lives for an average of 10 to 15 years

In general, the bulldog males have the height of 16″ to 18″ with 60 to 80 pounds, whereas, the females have the height of 15″ to 17″ with a mass of 55 to 70 pounds. Depending on the breeds, their bullies, and wrinkles varies a little. 

We will always be serving you with tips for keeping your bulldogs healthy and the process to maintain them. Even training your bulldog puppies is being provided by us. We train them for every basic gesture as well as litter. That apart, you can happily rely on our service in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. 



All the breeders are very much responsible for their breeding. But we specifically focus on the health of the puppies we breed. It is not likely to have huge veterinary bills because of the health qualities suffered by your bulldog puppies. Therefore, with utmost care and proper maintenance, we stand out from other breeders. Also, basic training and litter training is our responsibility, with assurance and assistance for further training needed are provided.

It is not likely for puppies not to get along with other dogs. However, the Old English Bulldogs are likely to express their aggression toward same-sex dogs. To solve this problem, as a pet owner, you can opt for getting your pets spayed or neutered. We can help you with all the information and other things required to get your pets sterilized. 

We are licensed breeders USBD# 93-H-0160 with proper vaccination, spaying, or neuter assistance and other policies provided from our end. All the puppies we breed have been certified. Followed by your selection of bulldog puppies, you can get your papers signed and registered along with all other documents that you required for identification and legalization of the process. After your payment, you can get your puppy’s certificate, and you are all ready to welcome the new member to your home.

Yes, all the puppies get trained properly by our trainers, before they get ready for their new homes.

The Olde English Bulldogge is a very smart dog which makes training quite easy. However, this dog is an independent dog hence; you must establish yourself as the head of the park before training begins.

Yes, in general, being one of the most friendly companions, bulldogs can get along with children pretty well. However, it is preferable to keep your little kids away from bulldogs. Also, the owners should keep them under supervision. So, the child does not get in any uncanny situation with the bulldogs.

Pups will be available soon!

We have pups coming soon off Bella & Nyogi. Last year litter produced 4 girls and 6 males. These pupps should be very similar to these pictures posted. Expect seeing puppies born around Valentines Day

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