Bring Home An Old English Bulldog Puppy This Christmas


Won’t you love to see your child’s face light up on Christmas morning when she discovers a puppy under the tree! What if we tell you the puppy you gift would be one of the top five breeds in the USA. Yes! An Old English Bulldog puppy would make an ideal Christmas present for your loved ones!

Best of all, your loved one will not only receive the gift of a new companion, but also the satisfaction of knowing that they helped in the adoption of a pet.

How about we tell you that gifting an Old English Bulldog puppy will make someone recall how thrilled they were when they received it even after years?


It’s a thrilling experience to surprise your loved ones with a puppy. Take your time and consider the best method to attract their attention and make the most of your opportunity. Holidays and birthdays are ideal opportunities for such cute surprises!

In short, gifting an Old English Bulldog puppy for Christmas can be a lovely surprise given the situation is appropriate and the receiver is ready.

Don’t worry, it’s a season of miracles, and your rescue has arrived in the form of this blog! So, have a seat and read this blog, and thank us later for making your Christmas a brighter one!

Strategies For Surprising Someone With a Puppy Create Some Suspense

When your family or friends come over to look at pups with you, tell them it’s not the right moment and that they’ll have to wait. Inform the breeder or the caretaker that you want the Old English Bulldog puppy in secret, then return in private to take the puppy they really want. This will heighten the suspense. It’s difficult to overcome the initial disappointment, but it amplifies the impact of the surprise.

Olde English Bulldogge in Salt Lake City
Placing The Pup In A Box

For holidays or birthdays, putting the puppy in a present box is a fantastic idea. It’s tough to keep an Old English Bulldog puppy quiet inside the box, but the surprise still works if the dog makes noise. Wrap the box in paper and tie it with a bow.

To assist the puppy to stay quiet, provide ventilation (create a puppy gift box with holes just to be safe) and set the puppy inside with a tiny bit of food.

Let The Pup Enter And Surprise At Home

Carry on with your normal routine until everyone has arrived at your house at the same time. Organize a group dinner to keep everyone in one area. Allow a friend to gently set the puppy loose in the house while you eat, and the puppy will surprise everyone. Everyone will be caught off guard when the puppy enters the house alone.

Make A Treasure Hunt To Find The Puppy

Put the dog in a pen and hide it somewhere in your house. Garages and basements are excellent places to hide the puppy. Create a set of treasure hunt clues that hint that the gift is an Old English Bulldog puppy to guide hunters around the house in search of a puppy, with the last clue leading to their pup. Trust us, it would be so much fun to watch your family or friends be surprised, excited, and shocked all at once at the end of the hunt!

Old English Bulldog Puppy

Where Can I Find a Old English Bulldog puppy to Gift Someone?

If the pet is healthy, socialized, and well-behaved, the present will be much more appreciated. It’s better to avoid getting a pet from a pet store, which commonly acquires dogs and cats from questionable or unethical breeding mills. If you’re set on giving a purebred pet with a proven lineage, do your homework and choose a reputable breeder who sells directly to pet owners rather than pet stores.

We at JD Bulldogges, make sure we find loving homes and people who match their ideal Old English Bulldog puppy through us. Nothing makes us happier than sharing our lifelong passion for Bulldogs with our adopted families.

Because they are faithful, loyal, protective, and affectionate, our Bulldogges have an excellent temperament and this is why they can be the best possible  Christmas present for your loved ones this season.

Old English Bulldog Puppy

There might not be a single Old English Bulldogg puppy who does not get along with other animals and children of all ages, so do not hesitate to surprise your children with one of our Olde English Bulldogge puppies this season. Be it your kids, family, or friends, our bulldogs would make them enjoy training activities, and shower them with joy, love, and a whole lot of cuddles, making this holiday season a perfect hit!

Additionally, there is not a single Old English Bulldog puppy with us that is not veterinarian-certified. Moreover, they come in some of the most unique gorgeous colors and we deliver them to you at the airport of your choice. Now, what could be better than that?!

Giving a puppy as a gift may be a fulfilling experience for both the giver and the receiver. The gift of a pet could be the most beloved gift your loved one will ever receive provided you do your research and put the puppy’s welfare first.

For more information on our Old English Bulldog Puppies, head to our website and follow us on social media. We at JD Bulldogges are always happy to hear from you and answer any queries that you might have!
Happy Holidays Pawfect People!

Author: Celina Daniel

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